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Be A Hunger Hero Today

Since the establishment of Ezee Market, we have delivered food supplies to many families in Liberia. And over time, we observed the rising level of hunger in underserved communities in Liberia.

This is why we launched a rescue program called "Donate A Meal"

The program is designed to provide monthly food assistance to the most vulnerable families/communities in Liberia. The donations will be a major source of nutrition and will help improve the overall quality of health for those benefiting from the program.

The food packages will help counter poverty, hunger and at the same time aid in the reduction of minors serving as breadwinners for their families.

With the Donate-A-Meal program, together we can help improve the health and nutrition of the most vulnerable families within Liberia.

How it works

  • Ezee Market Team will research, verify & validate families that are desperately in need of food donation.

  • People like you will give what they can to help these families handle the issue of feeding.

  • You feel great when you get updates about how your money is put to work and what families benefit from your donation.

Donate today and be a hunger hero.

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