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E-Commerce and Safety

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

In times and crisis like these ( The COVID_19), it's very essential that we all observe both health and security protocols in other to be safe. Taking into consideration the Corona virus is a global pandemic and is raging world wide, the issue of taking precautionary measures is a must. As a means of easing your stress on how to shop online and remain safe, Ezee Market is taking all precautionary measures and encouraging it's costumers to accept both cashless payments and contactless deliveries methods.

1. Cashless Payments methods

Cashless payments are all payments made without the use of physical cash (money). They're made by transferring money electronically (using your mobile phone or any other electronic device)

Although in Liberia we believe in physical interaction, it's also important that we adapt a system that is more suitable for our health.

What are some cashless payments methods we accept at Ezee Market for now?

  • MTN Mobile money

  • Orange Money

  • Credit card

  • PayPal

Advantages of using cashless payments?

  • Money does not need to be physically exchanged.

  • Payments can be made quickly, without personal contact with a business partner.

  • Large transactions can be made

  • Payments can be sent from anywhere regardless of location

  • Payments can be processed and paired automatically

  • Payments are not limited to working hours

2.Contactless Delivery


Contactless delivery means that the items you order is prepared, packed and delivered in accordance with health and safety and procedures.  All points of this process are designed to minimize/eliminate contact between delivery agent and customer.

At Ezee Market we are very curious about the health and safety of our people. That includes our staffs and our customers.

During these challenging times we are doing everything we can to make it easier and safer for everyone.  We are strongly doing everything possible to abide by health protocols.

At Ezee Market we have always had strict hygiene and cleanliness practices in place, but now we have taken things one step further to minimize contact and maximize customer experience.

All deliveries will now be CONTACTLESS and CASHLESS.  This applies to all customers ordering via and the Facebook @ezee market.

Things to know about contactless delivery

All Delivery orders will now be cashless and contactless.  For your ease, convenience and peace of mind, Ezee Market will take care of everything.

Please remember that you can no longer pay by cash.

Here’s a step by step guide:

  • Place your orders via the Ezee Market's official site ( or our Facebook page @ezee market.

  • All deliveries will now be contactless and cashless

  • Your item (s) will be delivered by a delivery agent.

  • Our team (from the office) will be in communication with you till the delivery agent reaches you or the requested destination. The agent will now confirm your identity, place the purchased item (s) somewhere safe and then keep a distance until the item is collected.

Please note that payments including delivery fee can only be made via MTN Mobile Money, Orange Money, Credit card, or PayPal.

Hope we all observe the two methods and be safe


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