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Have You Subscribe To Ezee Market Monthly Food Supply?

Have you been worried about sending food to your relatives through a stress-free process? Or do you worry about going to the market every time to get basic food items like Rice, Oil, Vita, Onion, Sardines, Fish cups, Seasoning, Egg carts, and more? Do you also imagine the time and too much money spent every time going to the market? I guess you do.

Now, this is the deal. With our monthly food supply, you have automatic discounts and free delivery for as long as your subscription lasts. The subscription is for six months & twelve months and our food packages are just reasonable.

Below are few easy steps on how to subscribe.

*Visit Ezee Market Monthly food delivery page.

*Select the package you wish to subscribe for.

*Use the promo code [monthlyfoodsupply] for free delivery till the subscription ends.

*Finally create your subscription and Ezee Market will handle the rest.

Upon subscribing, the delivery will be made for the next six months and you will be alerted every month.

Subscribe today and save more...

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