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Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Shop online in Liberia on

1. Browse our wide range of products (you can also text or call us on 231888689658 or 231778849929 to find a product)

2. Found something you want to buy? Click Add to Cart button + Continue Shopping or Checkout.

3. Provide Personal Detail - so we know how to contact you when your product arrives.

4. Delivery Method - Select your delivery destination or select pickup at our office (meaning you pick up from our office once your order arrives)

5. Payment Method - Payment are done on delivery by paying using Cash or using Lonestar Cell MTN Mobile Money or Orange Money or pay using visa card.

6. Complete Order -  We will receive a notification of your order and keep you updated till our Agent reach your destination.

7. Return -  If you have issue with the product please inform us quickly to validate the process of returning your fund or product.

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