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How to shop online during the lockdown

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Now that the President has announced a state of emergency, you’ll want to have a plan to keep instock some groceries for long term consumption. There is nothing worse than stepping out of your home in the middle of the ongoing pandemic with no type of plan or shopping list to guide you. So here are a few things to keep in mind while making your next grocery run.

1. Prepare for shortages

We’ve all heard the stories of some basic commodities becoming scarce on the World market. Such things are bound to happen whenever people start panic buying. This is why it is important that you prepare for the eventuality that some of the items on you may need might not be available. And you do this by coming up with viable alternatives you can get in place of each item, whether this is other food that falls within the same food group, or something else entirely that serves the same purpose.

2. Stay away from junk food

Staying at home means that you get to control the exact type of food you eat, unlike when you are out and about and have to make do with whatever is readily available. So a list of easy-to-prepare and healthy meals to help guide your grocery shopping would not be out of order at this point. Ensure the list is made up of food items that are a source of essential vitamins and minerals. So avoid filling your shopping carts with piles of sugary snacks and junk food.

3. Get the right kind of toiletries

One of our best defenses against the Corona Virus right now is keeping ourselves and our environments clean. This is why it is important that you ensure that you have enough liquid hand wash, antiseptic soaps, disinfectants and hand sanitizer to last you and your family the entire duration of the lockdown. The importance of these particular items on your shopping list cannot be overstated.

4. Stock up on fruits and vegetables

Stocking up your refrigerator with fresh fruits like apples, bananas, cucumbers, berries, avocados and watermelons will help you maintain a healthy diet that would in turn boost your immune system against any kind of virus. Although these products might not have a very long shelf life, you still need them as an integral part of your diet during the lockdown.

5. Shop from the comfort of your home

Why even bother going out when you can stay home and get everything you need? Oh yea, that's the beauty of online shopping with Ezee Market, the fact that you can have your items delivered directly to your doorstep. And with our new delivery option, you don’t even have to worry about having to come in contact with our delivery agents when they bring your items over.

We hope these tips will help you make the most of your shopping during the current lockdown. Shop online, Stay home and Stay safe.

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