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Cash on delivery website like EZee Market set you free from hassled transactions. Hence, shopping remains fun rather than becoming a headache.

You may have used other payment options too like mobile money. But, it’s safe to say that cash on delivery (COD) provides you peace of mind and its simplicity is like no other. Also, you can avail cash on delivery shopping if you don’t hold a bank account because cash is straightforward? What else would you want as a shopper? COD offers you simplicity, peace of mind, and security at once.

Cash on Delivery Service (COD)

  1. What does Cash on Delivery (COD) mean? Pay for the goods you order at your doorstep is the simplest cash on delivery meaning. It is likely to be one of the most convenient transaction methods. Another business term for cash on delivery is “Collect on Delivery” or COD. Most buyers prefer COD payment mode for the goods and pay at the time of delivery.

However, collect on delivery does not only mean to pay cash. So, you may choose to pay through Mobile Money or Visa Card . Hence, you may pay through a check if you don’t have cash, or make an electronic payment –especially a big amount.

How Cash on Delivery (COD) works?

In contrast to other payment methods, cash on delivery business model is rather simple.

The process begins with placing an order and ends with its execution.

You purchase readily available stock on Ezee Market. Now, you can pay in cash once the goods are delivered.

Note that when you place a big order with EZee Market , you may agree to a COD shipping setup. Therefore, you may defer the payment until the delivery of the goods.

All you have to do is place an order, then sit back and wait for the goods to arrive.

EZee Market will outsource the item. Now that the item is sourced, we will prepare a delivery receipt. The receipt attached to the good makes retrieval easy.

We will deliver your order. A representative of Ezee Market will drop your parcel/ order at your door.

Pay the cash or make payment through Mobile Money.

Why Buyers Choose Cash on Delivery (COD) Method?

While there are many payment options available with Ezee Market , most people tend to avail cash on delivery services. The surge in the COD payment method accounts for several reasons.

Smooth Transactions

First, cash on delivery (COD) is a smooth way of making online transactions in Liberia. Due to its simple structure, a buyer with average computer knowledge can also have an online shopping experience. So, there is no need to enter long bank account numbers or CVV digits. A click on the COD option and you are good to go.

Flexibility in Payment

When you receive your order, make the payment only after checking the product. In case the piece is of low quality, you can always choose to return it instantly. So, the delay in delivery or damage does not affect your peace of mind.


Choosing cash on delivery certainly is a secured payment option.


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