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Understanding The Shipping & Billing Details

Placing an order and getting it delivered to where you prefer is one of the best conveniences that come with shopping on Ezee Market. As a new customer, an address where your order is to be delivered is one of the most important pieces of information required of you.

This is to avoid any chance of having your delivery taken somewhere other than where you expected it to be delivered.

Shipping Details

The shipping details are the details of where or to whom you prefer your order to be delivered. With the shipping details correct, there is definitely no need for further verification on delivery address.

Billing Details

The billing address is the details of the person placing the order. The billing address can be entered on page II of the checkout page. As been circled in the picture above, there is a sentence that says, SAME AS SHIPPING ADDRESS, with a box been checked already. If for instance, you're ordering an item for someone else, simply uncheck the box and then enter your address as the billing address. With this, both the shipping & billing details will be well understood.

We hope this write-up helps in understanding the difference between the two addresses.

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