Simply delicious coffee

With Spiral Aroma to enjoy the best flavor

  • With glass jug
  • Black and metal

Espiral Aroma stirs coffee for optimal flavor

This smart nozzle that is inside the carafe, stirs the coffee that is poured evenly through the carafe, so that the aroma is optimal and uniform, from the first to the last cup.


Automatic shutdown after 30 minutes to save energy and increase safety

After 30 minutes after making coffee, the coffee machine automatically shuts off to save energy and for safety reasons. This is in line with EU regulations, which apply to all coffee machines in the EU. If you want your coffee to stay hot longer, Philips offers coffee makers with a thermos jug.


Anti-drip system to serve a cup of coffee whenever you want

The anti-drip system will allow you to pour a cup of coffee before completely finishing the brewing cycle.


Power switch LED illuminates when coffeemaker is on.

The red light on the power button illuminates when the coffeemaker is on.


1.2 liter capacity for 2 - 15 cups

This coffee maker can brew 2 to 10 cups (large) / 15 cups (small) of coffee. The maximum is 1.2 liters. It has a compact design that takes up little space in the kitchen.


Dishwasher safe parts for easy cleaning

The jug and the filter holder can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.


Water level indication for ease of filling

Fill the water tank easily and accurately with the water level indication.


PHILIPS HD-7447 coffee machine

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