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About us

Ezeemarket.biz is a Liberian e-commerce company founded in December 2019 with headquarters in Sinkor, Liberia.

Ezee Market was established to provide a wide range of opportunities for both sellers & buyers through our well-developed interactive website that allows a seamless and easy shopping experience.

Our Vision 

Our Vision is to provide a platform that enables sellers & buyers to trade easily.


As a Company, our mission is to revolutionize the way business is done in Liberia

We are a Liberian trustworthy platform that enables Liberians anywhere in the world to care for their loved ones back home swiftly, conveniently, and affordably.


We strive to achieve excellence by sourcing the best products available to us to deliver an exceptional customer experience.


We intend to deliver happiness the Liberian way!

How are we helping Liberians in the Diaspora?


Ezee Market was founded to help Liberians anywhere in the world to conveniently care for their loved ones in Liberia.


it is becoming increasingly difficult for most busy Liberians in the diaspora to easily care for their families back in Liberia. Most hardworking and busy Liberians would rather spend time focused on other things rather than drive long hours to the store while enduring complicating weather conditions to provide care for their families.


We believe that Liberians should be able to care for their loved ones easily and without breaking the bank.

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