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My Body My Treasure

My Body My Treasure


My Body, My Treasure 
Is a coloring and activity book designed for young learners as a simple, fun tool that can be used to educate about protecting their bodies. This activity book provides important information in a fun way to help parents and guardians answer the questions the many questions that children and even their parents may have concerning their bodies and ways to protect them. The Activity Book also provides a parental guide on each page as well as a user guide at the back for ease of reference for parents or guardians. As such, we want all parents or guardians to have basic information they can use to teach and have fun with their child/children.

  • Mrs. Brenda Brewer Moore is Founder and CEO of Kids’ Educational Engagement Project (KEEP), KEEP is positioning Liberia to invest in literacy by enabling communities to create public school libraries, and jointly take responsibility for learning outcomes of students.