30g X 150 packs /Carton

So Klin Concentrate detergent powder provides powerful cleaning for your clothes and it is renowned for working well on whites. Can also be used for kitchen, bath room and toilet walls.

So Klin Washing Detergent Carton

  • So klin detergent is good for washing of both coloured and white cloth. it helps to keep the cloth sparkling white. And brings out the colour in colour cloths.

  • 1.New-bright-color gene combined with two-way stain separating element remove stubborn stains and fabric calculi, make clothes clean completely, and perfectly shows the distinctive character of clothing. It keeps clothes bright and shining, and makes clo thes as new as usual.


    2.Two-way stain separating element: remove tough stain and fabric calculi, avoid clothing go yellow .


    3.New-brigt-color: Keeps clothes bright and shining as new as usual


    4.New fresh fragrant scent, nature, clean, comfort: specially contains international high quality perfume, keeps clothing refreshing and pleasant after wash


    5.Free from phosphorous, this detergent powder meets environmental standards and will not harm users' skin.It is suitable for both hand and machine washing.