Since Ezee Market was founded, we have delivered food supplies to many families in Liberia. But over time, we observed the rising level of hunger in underserved communities in Liberia.

This is why we launched the "Donate A Meal Program"


You Can be a Hunger


1 Month food Supply

Even a small donation makes a BIG difference. Your one-time donation will help feed a family for a month.

3 Months food Supply

Bring joy to a hungry family by donating now. Your one-time donation will help feed a family for  3 months.

6 Months food supplies

Your kind giving spirit will change the life of a less fortunate family in Liberia . This donation will help feed a family for 6 months.


How it works

Ezee Market Team will research, verify & validate families that are desperately in need of food donation.

People like you will give what you can to help these families handle the issue of feeding.

You feel great when you get updates about how your money is put to work and what families benefit from your donation.

A Family is in need of your donation

Thank You for Sharing with us

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